About Me
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About me
Right now Im a senior in the Daemen College PA program in Amherst NY. Ill be graduating in May of 2004 and will hopefully land a good job so I can buy all the stuff I want....cars first of course.

My dream car
Once the money comes available Im making a trip down to my local chevy dealer to put an order in for a Z06....you can make it electron blue with the red mod interior....and dont touch the paint.

FLFB of Western New York
The Finger Lakes FBody Club of Western New York was a club started by Jason Short and Gary Matteson which is primarily directed at having fun with fast cars. No HP or mod requriment is in place. Just having fun with friends and fast cars is the priority. We currently have around 15 members with the almighty Rich Krause being the fastest with his 1000 HP Z28.

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