500 HP NA on a skimpy college budget....
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My 1996 Camaro Z28.
Welcome, this is my website dedicated to my 1996 Camaro Z28. I bought the car in March of 2000 and stayed stock till April of 2000. My first large round of mods was a head cam GTP set up that I went 12.7 at 108mph with. With the A4 slipping and being unhappy with the peformance of the car I contacted Bret at Bauer Racing to help me build a badass motor for the 2003 season. Over the winter of '02-03 the stroker was born which took ended up taking alot more Research and Planning than I had expected. After all the dust had settled It had progressed to having a 500 HP 383 NA stroker along with an A4-M6 conversion.
Dyno numbers...
The Black Bitch
B/C she never wants too...but when she does she's a real wh***.

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The A4-M6 conversion...
The car used to have an A4 before I went and did the conversion to an M6...it was well worth the time and effort. I was a religous visitor of Alex's Afrashteh's webpage which beautifully detailed the swap from start to finish. The final result end up being a much more fun and interesting car to drive.

Visit www.bauer-racing.com for more info on my stroker.

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